Demonstration using the Homestead application

Fix, build, and deploy an application on the cloud using IBM DevOps Services

Version 1.1.1

(Last update: 2015-02-21)


This page contains guidance do a simple IBM DevOps Services demonstration. The predifined demo script covers some key IBM DevOps Services capabilities, such as:This demo does not cover any Bluemix Mobile service, such as Mobile Quality Assurance (MQA)


If you are new to DevOps Services and Bluemix, you must start withthe educational material available at
To reuse this demo, you need to have an IBM DevOps Services account and a Bluemix account.
  1. Complete IBM DevOps Services registration (if you don't already have an DevOps Services/JazzHub account):
  2. Sign up for an IBM Bluemix Trial account at, then follow the instructions provided on the screen and in the confirmation email

Demo Script

Follow the steps in this SCRIPT DOCUMENT to demonstrate key Bluemix DevOps Services capabilities

Time Required


To share your feedback or report a problem on this workshop, go to work item 35424 and follow the instructions.