Workshop - Introduction to IBM DevOps Services on Bluemix

Version 1.0.1

After completing the workshop, you should be able to:

  1. Describe key IBM DevOps Services capabilities
  2. Create, build, deploy and test applications on Bluemix using IBM DevOps Services
  3. Use IBM DevOps Services for agile planning (Track and Plan)
  4. Use IBM DevOps Services for automated builds, test execution, and deployments on Bluemix (Delivery Pipeline)
  5. Drive an DevOps Services / Bluemix demonstration session for your team or your customers
Applications created during this workshop can be reused with clients. Labs instruction can be reused as-is or customized for demo scripts.


Before you start the workshop, review the following page for detailed information on prerequisites. Some activities must be completed ahead of time (registration) to be sure you obtain your accounts before you start.

Overview Videos

Watch the following videos to understand IBM DevOps Services key capabilities:

Hands-on labs to complete during the workshop

Application for demos:

If you need a simple application to demonstrate key DevOps Services capabilities, visit the Homestead Demo page. The page contains guidance to reuse a demo application and leverage a simple demo script.


To provide your feedback on this workshop (defect, suggestions), go to work item 35422 and follow the instructions.

More hands-on exercises and references

Explore existing projects to understand the code and reuse it for you own needs

Complete more tutorials to gain additional skills in IBM DevOps Services and Bluemix