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Workshop Prerequisites

(Introduction to IBM DevOps Services on Bluemix)

Before you start the "Introduction to DevOps Services on Bluemix" workshop, you need to:

  1. Complete IBM DevOps Services registration (if you don't already have an IDS/JazzHub account):
  2. Sign up for an IBM Bluemix Trial account at and follow the instructions provided on the screen and in the confirmation email. All IBMers must register using an IBM ID that matches their intranet ID so that your 30 day trial is automatically extended. If you previously signed up for a Bluemix account and were given access to the staging server, you will need to register again.
  3. Verify that you have access to the public environment. Do this by by checking that your Bluemix URL begins with and NOT (which is the internal IBM staging server).
  4. Create a free Twilio account at Make note of your Twilio login/password and the programmable phone number it gives you.
  5. Install RTC 5.0 Eclipse client:

To have a basic understanding of IBM DevOps Services capabilities before you start the workshop, it is strongly recommended to:

Once you have completed these steps, you can start with the first lab of the workshop.

Verify your available resources on Bluemix

To deploy and test the applications for each lab, you need sufficient resources on your Bluemix environment. To check available resources, go to , sign in and access your dashboard. The dashboard indicates your memory consumption (xxGB out of yyGB of Memory), but also the number of services that you already instanciated (xx/yy Services).
If you try to deploy from DevOps Services to Bluemix and you don't have enough resources, the deploy will fail. So you will need to free up some resources (memory, space, services) on Bluemix.
You can reduce the number of services by removing services you no longer need. You can also reduce total memory consumption by changing the Memory Quota for each of your Bluemix applications (Open an application on Bluemix, go to Runtime and change the Memory Quota for the instance)

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